We tamed a digital snake for the Oudemian album release concert by Mári Mákó at Worm, Rotterdam. It was humbling to witness the metamorphosis of the virtual snake enchanted by Mári's sounds from being imprisoned by its own tight skin and by shedding it off, it could dance freely like a new born serpent at the end. Mári's music made all that magical transformation happen, empowering the necessity for rebirth and renewal. These six videos are excerpts from all section of the concert. We want to thank for all who were involved.

Oudemian Crew:

Matthea de Muynck - violin
@juliansarmiento55 - double bass
@mari_mako_ - voice, zither, electronics

@theoddkin - visuals
@hwtheatredesign - light design
@florareznik - photo/videographer

Comissioned by Mári Mákó
album cover

Mári contacted us to make an album cover for her debut album Oudemian. Since we worked together for her HOLD performance in 2018 at iii, we felt very confident continue our collaboration. She had only one request, that we incorporate her face in the cover. We wanted to challenge ourselves to make the entire cover in hyper-real 3D. We continued the same visual research that we developed for HOLD, keeping the main metaphor: rebirth and the phenomena of shedding skin what mostly snakes, lizards, scorpions, tarantulas do. We have created a 3D model of Mári’s head and a high definition human skin and snakeskin texture. The image is the moment when Mári is shedding her old ‘skin’ to come to light anew.

The album is released on Spotify the 28th of May. The LP will be released in September 2021.

Comissioned by Mári Mákó
video, commission

Visual except (part 1) from a live music performance called HOLD by Mári Máko composer and sound artist, Oddkin artist and designer duo and Fazle Shairmahomed performance artist, dancer. Together they explore the notion of everlasting development of oneself and to reflect on the challenge of holding one’s ground in times of crisis. Through visual storytelling, sensory dance and spatial (multichannel) electroacoustic music they presented an hour-long multidisciplinary performance called HOLD.  

Comissioned by Mári Mákó
© Márton Kabai & Natela Lemondzhava