We tamed a digital snake for the Oudemian album release concert by @mari_mako_ at @worm_rotterdam, the last week. It was humbling to witness the metamorphosis of the snake enchanted by Mári's sounds from being imprisoned by its own tight skin and by shedding it off, it could dance freely like a new born serpent at the end. Mári's music made all that magical transformation happen, empowering the necessity for rebirth and renewal. These six videos are excerpts from all section of the concert. We want to thank for all who were involved.

Comissioned by Mári Mákó
Oudemian Crew:

Matthea de Muynck - violin
@juliansarmiento55 - double bass
@mari_mako_ - voice, zither, electronics

@theoddkin - visuals
@hwtheatredesign - light design
@florareznik - photo/videographer

© Márton Kabai & Natela Lemondzhava