Oddkin, is a formation of Márton Kabai and Natela Lemondzhava founded in 2018, in The Hague, NL. Our hybrid, mutant practice shifts between investigative and metaphoric approaches through forensics and intuition that unfolds in critical storytelling.

We live in a state of urgency and hopelessness. We wish to reveal the fertility within hopelessness and its vast possibility, unlocking persistent optimism in contrast to psychic entropy. We wish to uncover systemic biases that had been mistaken as truths or legal and demystify hidden affairs that seems to be innocent, efficient or normal. We embrace an ecocentric, post-anthropocentric outlook, crafting radical visions and critical maps to de-center the status-quo.

We are specifically interested in the mutation and transformation of human and non-human relationships in the age of the Anthropocene.We carry a responsible attitude towards learning, finding and speculating on forgotten and new ways of multi-species coexistence and world-making. Our works committed to engage in a radically different material world and our place as humans in it.

Oddkin’s practice distinguish two research directions. Clarion Call entitled to environmental and social justice by mapping systemic problems and question how can we coexist on Earth with other species in times of crises. While Ground Zero defines the personal, metaphoric granulating process of overcoming hopelessness and impossibility by nurturing persistent optimism.

We formulate our researches in forms of books, games, videos, workshops, installations, and live performances. We are active in exhibiting, teaching, lecturing, facilitating different forms of workshops as well as collaborating with other fields of knowledge.
Márton Kabai & Natela Lemondzhava


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