The human race had the biggest task to conquer nature in order to survive and make its own suitable and safe environment to live in. The crucial idea of Humanism was to support the growth and expansion of our civilisation until this expansion started to restrain other living species in creating their own safe environments. According to Darwinism, the animals are our relatives. Human being holds an equally important role on this planet as any other living creature. We are facing a threat of complete extinction of wild animals – such as elephants, rhinoceros, pangolins, tigers, whales..etc – leaving us only with animals in captivity.
The video would like to map the extinction of wildlife caused by the growth of the human civilization, reflected on them, even more, becoming contradictable term: humanism. With this mapping, I wanted to show how we have lost the natural connection with the animals, therefore with ourselves. My work intends to show the absence of needed attention on this issue and envisages a dystopia of nature without animals.The movie contains more than two thousand manually edited images. 

Sound : Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator, (1940)

© Márton Kabai & Natela Lemondzhava